Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Bye bye!  This is gonna be my last post here. Moving to another blog at the advise of a close friend. The link...I'll post it up sometime I guess.. if you don't get it and don't mind reading about the "depressing" stuff I write, leave me a note somewhere I guess..


That's it.. I give up..

Friend or Foe, I don't know ...

and I don't wanna care anymore... Be a jerk, an asshole.. whatever...... I'll just take back what's rightfully mine and won't bother bout anybody anymore.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

hais. Me, The Brat?

I honestly don't know whether it's just me being a selfish brat or whether other people are just being jerks?

I feel like I'm being used like an idiot... With no regards to my feelings.

I'd think if I bought something, I'd be given at least a chance to use that thing first.. but of course, no... Nobody even bothers telling me.. Like duuh... Cause I'm just some insignificant brat on the side of the road right? Well, Jerkasaurus Number 1 just has to rub it in my face and say "we know it's your toy, it's sad you can't be the first to play with it right?" fuck off jerk... just do the whole world a favor and die will ya?

Yeaah.. There's a bunch of stuff I wanna put on here.. but the people around me are just so darn sensitive that I can't write a single thing here.... *bang bang* dead....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

:( Can I just run away?

Yeaah.. I'm upset again. I don't know whether it's because I'm being a total bitch or because people just expect me to be nice and listen to everything or just expect me to be a total pushover...

I get up only to find a totally annoying message on FB.. Here I am trying to get my work done.. and the other party isn't willing to cooperate nicely.. Pretty much expecting me to beg, borrow, steal from shim.. Just to make my life miserable.. Shim keeps complaining like how shim doesn't have enough time.. waking up 15 minutes before class and stuff like that.. when shim was happily spending time online, probably doing nothing while chatting with me.  Shim even asked me when I was working so shim could pass me the pictures.. When I said I was working now, shim said shim was lazy to come over.. and asked when was the next time I'm working... Honestly, shim was already lazy enough to come over this time.. Would you believe that shim would even come over the next time? Tons of excuses... Finally, shim decided to just upload it after much persuasion... The next day, shim sent a message saying "You better be grateful I'm doing this. =P"
....... wtf............................ I'd have loved to reply "Go to hell..." but.. it'd be pointless... zzz.. This idiot always thinks s/he is right anyway....

Something else happened after that.. But I don't really wanna write about it here.. All I wanna say is.. what response am I expected to give when I can't say anything else besides I don't know?  It's not my fault I can't give a definite response.. and if you already knew that, why get mad at me for giving a response you already know? Did you expect me to say everything will be alright when I can't say that? Did you expect me to go around reassuring you that he won't quiz us? ....

I don't know.. I think being a recluse is my best option right now.. I'll just turn off my phone and spend the entire day hiding somewhere..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


After reading my blog posts in the past, I think I'm losing my sense of humor.. NOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!!! TT_TT Should I blame it on me being the "overachiever" like how Jan puts it? I guess I brought it upon myself, joining so many stuff on top of working 13.5 hours a week, learning a totally new language and taking a couple of junior level classes at one go. Then again, if I didn't start taking junior level classes now, I'd be dead over the next few semesters cause management minor is made up of mostly junior / senior level classes. On a side note, my new darling is heeeeeeeeeerrrrrreeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~!! :D Thinking of a name for my silver PSP now. :)  Hope I'll get to play it after all these tests are over ^.^

Oh.. Teresa and I started watching Gossip Girl over the weekend.  Gotta say, it's not that bitchy / brainless as I thought it would be.  It was really rather interesting! Only downside is.. It spans like 5 seasons and we're still at the first. lolol.

On to the next picture I have up for the day~~
from Abilene to Kansas, in the car, messing with color options. I'm making it a little smaller than usual cause I took it horizontally.
Gotta say.. I was pretty bored when I took that picture. lols. Didn't tinker with anything besides adding the watermark while in Photoshop.

Ahhh~~ Feels so good to be able to spend bout 10-15 mins just looking through pictures and not having to think bout how to talk to Racists or my other obligations. :)
I'd really love to blog about things that go on in my uni, especially that funny racist incident.. but because I'm in the land of "freedom", I can't really do that since some people would think I'm defaming them and take me to court. Oh... So much for freedom of speech.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Kinda disappointed with the last book in the Hunger Game series.. The first two books were really great.. The third book started off really well, but the ending was just..... oh...... kinda like watching "Salt".. I didn't mind that she killed off quite a number of people cause it wasn't half as bad as the ending in Harry Potter. I was more upset with the untied loose ends and her rushing through the story.. :( Probably because her publisher was rushing her to finish by the deadline.. That's why I don't really like publishers. They ruin the imagination and flair of authors.  Oh well.. Here's a picture that brightened up my miserable day and week and hopefully yours too. :) 

Taken on the way back from Kansas to Abilene :) 

Sunday, August 08, 2010


I don't like this... I don't like this even one f*cking bit... I hate writing when I'm mad... But if I don't.. I think I'll erupt like Mt. St. Helens.  Either that or I start playing make belief, create little dolls and stab a blade through its heart...  Enough is enough.. Go play your favoritism all you want... I'm so f-cking fed up... One stupid emo little brat goes all crazy and all you do is give her a baby-style pep talk that won't even f-cking change her empress-like attitude.  I stare at my comp screen and you give me a hell of a f-cking scream... What the heck is wrong wei... I'm not the one with a major exam next month nor am I the brat who leaves a camera on a chair for people to steal... Neither am I the insolent little bitch who deserves to be slapped for her apparent lack of respect for those older than her... Gaaaahh... I don't care le...!! Whatever I say just falls on deaf ears anyway.... That, or you totally say the opposite of what I say.. I hate it.. If you ask for my opinions, respect em... But you?  You just toss em aside like some trash...  Whatever.. If that's the way you're gonna play it, I'm just gonna keep my f-cking retarded opinions to myself.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

lmao.. Never thought I'd see something this ridiculous

While I was eating lunch, I happened to come across a super funny article (Yeah yeaah.. I know most people read the newspapers when they take breakfast... ) regarding online gaming and anime "cartoons".  A "very concerned" person from Subang Jaya wrote the article... and I think the person was probably high on dope or something when writing the article.

Anyway, here's the article.  Even my dad laughed when he saw the article.  How can these parents blame online games, cyber cafes and animes for causing a bad relationship with their children?  Get real man... The only people they can truly blame are themselves for all the mischief that their children cause them.  If they think that online games and animes are causing society to degenerate, I can only say they're misguided.  Most kids end up in cyber cafes playing traunt and stuff is because there's no parent figure around to guide them the minute they walk down the "wrong path".  If this "very concerned" person truly wants to stop his/her child from all these "vices", then, quit your job and learn to help your child!  Same goes to those "friends" who have been complaining about all these things.

Online games exist because there's a demand.. It's a virtual world we can run off to when reality gets boring or tough.  It's like a hideout/stress reliever to me.   As for anime, gotta say... I wouldn't have picked up Jap if it wasn't because of the existence of anime.  Besides, if this "very concerned" person thinks anime cartoons should be banned, then shouldn't kdramas, hk dramas and the like be banned to?  After all, they do get our dear parents addicted and glued to the screen, forgetting all about their kids right? ;)  Cyber cafes exist for the convenience to others too.. So you can't exactly go around asking for every cyber cafe in the country to be closed down.  Used wisely, anything can be of use... But when overused, like drugs, it becomes addictive and bad too...  Honestly, there's nothing wrong with the existence of all these things.. The problem lies in us.  Even if all those were banned, kids would still come up with something else to replace those.  So, until parents learn to play an important role in the lives of their children, social problems will continue to exist.